Joie Kubbie Sleep Travel Cot

Joie Kubbie sleep cradle co-sleeping, safe travel, deep sleep.

Designed to keep the baby close in a protected space, inside or outside the home.

Kubbie sleep cot by Joie with side-folding to have the baby next to the bed and at the same height as parents safely and without being inside the bed
parental. With a simple and stylish design and adaptable to any space, it folds easily as park beds to transport it and take it on a trip. Aluminum chassis compact and safe to ensure safety in sleep and at the time of play, its multiple utilities such as co-sleeping cradle and park cradle make it multifunction, with a single article we have two.


Features of the Joie Kubbie travel cot

Removable mattress
2 Integrated wheels
Grid for ventilation on the 4 sides
Compact folding for easy transport and storage
Zip on the side to facilitate the entry of the child
Includes transport bag.


Specifications Joo’s Kubbie sleep cot

Open measurements: length 99cm x width 59.5cm x height 80.5cm
Folding dimensions: length 27cm x width 25cm x height 80.5cm
Weight 8.79kg
Use of the product: From birth to 15kg.