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Mountain Buggy’s multi functional carrier that transitions seamlessly from newborn to toddler.

Providing hands free, hands through connection; Juno has been designed to deliver the very best ergonomics in all carrying modes, for both you and your child.

Developed in collaboration with medical professionals, parents and children; Juno promises safety, quality materials and world class innovation in one bundle, ensuring a truly authentic Mountain Buggy experience every time you carry.

Four medically approved carrying modes

*front face in:
0-24 months
3.5-12.2kg / 7.7-26.9lbs

*front face out:
6-18 months
6.5-10kg / 14.3-24lbs

*hip carrying mode:
6-24 months
6.5-12.2kg / 14.3-26.9lbs

*back carrying mode:
6-48 months
6.5-20kg / 14.3-44lbs


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