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    Post Fashion Design Competitions & Contests Here.

    .. Basically, I’m a fashion designer in the making and I obviously have lots and lots of fashion sketches which i’ve done for college and in my spare time, and I was thinking, why not put them to use eh?

    I dont seem to be capable of finding out if there are any competitions around for some reason, I mean yeh I sometimes stumble across the ones in fashion magazines like Elle etc … but does anyone know any competitions about at the moment? or up and coming ones? or some kinda site that deals with consistent fashion competitions?

    So far, i’ve only found the fashionfringe one, but there must be more??

    Thanx for reading (and im based in London if thats any use )


    hmm lena is like the godess abt all this sort of info.. prod her for some info
    plus DAZED N CONFUSED magazine has a yearly competition that runs…
    u win either a prize to design ur capsule collection which will b put in topshop… or u get to work for the design team for topshop for a year…


    hey Foxy, we always try to locate and post info on design competitions in the designers&collections section of tFS, you just need to scroll back and find our older topics, or keep updated for spotting them out as soon as they appear.

    you may need to contact Design Council or other local (uk) design institutions for upcoming competitions, Triumph international just had an underwear/swimwear competition up (check their site) but i think the deadline is over now.

    best luck in locating more competitions and please do share if you find some new ones coming up

    ps: not sure of your design style, but you can always get prepared and apply to the Hyeres fashion festival for next season (see related topic & links)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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