You obviously haven’t actually touched one, have you? This is your regular type mobile phone “glass”. It flexes. Feels just like on my Note 2, but seems flimsier when you tap it with your finger. Even if it was as strong as Gorilla Glass, people still put screen protectors on those, as they can’t handle hard stuff like sand and gravel. Also, it’s a watch. You’ll slam it into something eventually, more likely quite frequently. Nowhere do Sony advertise the screen material. A few places it says scratch resistant. If it was tough, like Gorilla Glass (with its inherent weaknesses), Sony, like Samsung, would use it in their advertisement. I’ve ordered atFolix screen protectors on amazon.de (slightly cheaper than amazon.co.uk, for some reason, shipping to Denmark. I ordered it 2 months ago, got auto-cancelled due to some 30 day policy thing, so reordered. They keep postponing it over and over again. If it continues like this, I wonder if I’ll even have it before Christmas. If you’re in the US, consider Skinomi Techskin or iLLumiShield, which are both good from reviews I’ve read, but shipping to Europe is $17! Hence the “if you’re in the US” comment

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